Top Tips to Prevent Tooth Decay in Young Children - First Things First
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Did you know that tooth decay is preventable? In fact, your baby is born with no germs in their mouth. But, germs are easily passed from yours to theirs when you share spoons, food or lick their pacifier. Do your best not to put things from your mouth into your baby’s mouth.

And be sure to take care of your own teeth and gums by brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist regularly — these steps will cut down on germs in your mouth, leaving fewer to pass on to your child.

For more information about the spreading of germs to your child, please take a moment to watch the video:

Also, don’t forget to schedule your child’s first dental visit when you see their first tooth or by their first birthday. Much like they need regular check-ups with their doctor, your child needs a dental check-up starting at age one and every year after to prevent tooth decay and the need for much more costly dental care later. It’s safe and easy; plus, dental visits for your child are covered if they are on AHCCCS or KidsCare.

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