Celebrate National Dentist’s Day this March - First Things First
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National Dentist’s Day in March is an ideal time to celebrate the professionals who help keep our young children healthy and smiling.

Dentists specialize in oral health and it is their job to prevent, identify, and heal all things related to the mouth, teeth, and gums. In fact, starting with the appearance of a baby’s first tooth, dentists should examine the growth of teeth and jaws, check for tooth decay and healthy gums, and may even perform surgical procedures if necessary. Proper dental hygiene is essential to children’s overall health. Neglecting to brush, floss and visit the dentist regularly can result in serious problems that can be painful and even affect a child’s speech. So, today we tip our hats to dentists, for not only keeping our teeth looking good but for keeping our families healthy from the inside out.

In Cochise County, there are a variety of exceptional pediatric dentists. Most of these dentists accept AHCCCS and other popular insurance plans. Plus, there are several who are bilingual and can answer questions in both English and Spanish.




  • Mobile Dentist at Bowie School – 315 W. 5th St. Bowie, from 9am-4pm the first Thursday of the month


Sierra Vista


Regardless of where you choose to visit, it is important to schedule appointments for your children twice a year, starting with their first birthday or first tooth. To learn more about caring for your little one’s teeth and for fun activities, visit: https://teeth.firstthingsfirst.org/