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Start your children’s healthy habits off right by reducing sweets daily

If there is one thing kids gravitate towards, it’s sugar. Unfortunately, sugar is found in many everyday foods, especially sweets such as candy, cookies, flavored yogurt and puddings.

Plus, it’s even found in snacks like potato chips and French fries, along with sweet drinks including soda, juice, chocolate milk, sweet teas, and sports drinks.

To combat tooth decay and cavities, try to serve more healthy foods and snacks to your children daily. Aim to give your child more water to drink throughout the day.

When they’re older, talk to your child about “anytime” and “sometime” foods to help them — and you — limit sugary foods that cause tooth decay.

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Also, remember to schedule your child’s first dentist appointment by their first birthday, or whenever their first tooth breaks through the surface of their gums. From that point forward, bi-annual dental visits are a must for healthy teeth and gums.

Visits to a local pediatric dentist are covered if your children are on AHCCCS, Kids Care and most health insurance plans, but check with your provider for more details.

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