Seven Sensational Children’s Books About Visiting the Dentist We’re Thankful for this Holiday Season - First Things First
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If there’s one thing we can all agree upon, it’s that this year has been one crazy roller coaster ride. Despite the many ups and downs of 2020, there is always something to be thankful for. With the holidays just around the corner, we’ve compiled a list of seven amazing children’s books about visiting the dentist that we’re thankful for this season. These stories make great gift ideas as we head into December and bid a fond farewell to this year.

Story-time holds a special place in the hearts of young children and for those who spend time every day reading to them. Caregivers who read stories about characters who go to the dentist are not only promoting the importance of reading to little ones but reinforcing the fact that there’s nothing scary about the dentist.

Remember to schedule a bi-annual appointment with your child’s dentist as soon as their first tooth breaks the surface, or around their first birthday. These regular appointments, along with positive reinforcements can lead to a healthy experience at the dentist.

Below are some recommendations for children’s books about going to the dentist, so keep these little gems in mind when you begin your holiday shopping or it’s time for you and your child to curl up with a good book:

1. Sesame Street: Elmo Visits the Dentist

Elmo is a hit with children of all ages! In this book, Elmo explains what his first trip to the dentist includes. There are plenty of colorful pictures to paint a picture of what children should expect from a trip to the dentist’s office.

2. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Daniel Goes to the Dentist

This story involves Daniel getting a checkup. As Daniel gets his teeth brushed, checked, and polished, Dr. Plat explains what she’s doing each step of the way so Daniel feels more comfortable. The book has fun cartoon-like pictures throughout and is perfect for kids under five.

3. First Time: Dentist

The First Time collection of books gives apprehensive children a glimpse of what to expect the first time they go somewhere new. This particular book provides step-by-step insight into a child’s first visit to the dentist, along with beautifully illustrated pictures. It is sure to alleviate any fears your child may have about an upcoming visit.

4. Dora the Explorer: Show Me Your Smile

Dora is always a fan favorite. In this bright and colorful book, Dora explores the dentist’s office, gets her teeth cleaned, and more! She was even rewarded with a special treat for being such a cooperative patient.

5. The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist

Some of you may remember reading this book when you were a child since it was first released in 1981. But the Berenstain Bears are still as popular as ever, and their trip to the dentist showcases just what to expect on a typical visit. In this adorable book, the whole Berenstain family gets checked for cavities, have their teeth cleaned, and learns all about the tools a dentist uses to help keep teeth healthy.

6. Peppa Pig: Dentist Trip

If you’ve recently noticed your toddler speaking with a British accent, you can probably thank the popularity of Peppa Pig for it. The dapper little piggies make their way to the dentist in this book and it’s George’s first visit, so he’s a little nervous. Big sister Peppa shows him that a trip to the dentist can be fun and nothing to worry about.

7. Curious George Visits the Dentist

Another classic, Curious George, everyone’s favorite monkey, takes a trip to the dentist in this fun story. Slightly different than others on the list, George has to make the trip because he bit into an apple and his tooth is now wiggly and painful. Afterward, he realizes that the dentist isn’t to be feared. The story has a happy ending with a little monkey-mischief thrown into the mix.

There are plenty of children’s stories about trips to the dentist that are well-written and illustrated with descriptive pictures to suit every child’s personality. The seven above are some of our favorites, but hopefully, you’ll find the perfect book to add to your child’s collection this holiday season.