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How to find a dentist for your child in Arizona.

Just like your child needs regular medical check-ups with a doctor, going to the dentist every year is an important way to keep your little one healthy and smiling.

Why is going to the dentist important?

Even though they fall out later, your child’s baby teeth are important for their healthy development. Baby teeth help your child chew and eat, speak clearly and smile. They also hold space for their adult teeth. And tooth decay can be painful. Taking your child to the dentist for regular check-ups can prevent tooth decay and avoid bigger dental issues later.

When should I take my child to the dentist?

Try to schedule your child’s first dental visit when you see their first tooth or by their first birthday. They should have a dental check-up every year to prevent tooth decay and the need for much more costly dental care later. And don’t feel bad if your child is already past their first birthday and hasn’t been seen by a dentist yet. Just go ahead and schedule their first appointment!

Should we go to a regular dentist or a pediatric dentist?

Young kids aren’t always able to cooperate during dental exams — not because they’re misbehaving, they’re just little kids. Pediatric dentists are experienced in making them comfortable during dental exams and treatment. If your family already has a dentist, check with them to see if they treat young children. If not, you might want to consider a pediatric dentist. Either way, taking your child to the dentist while they’re young is a positive step and can prevent more serious oral health problems from developing.

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